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Winnipeg’s newest cheese purveyors combine a dedication to cheeses from Canada, with a love of those handcrafted in far away lands. Our carefully curated selection will blow your rind

We just want to spread the love of great cheese. 


The Cheesemongers is an independent fromagerie in friendly Winnipeg. It is the result of our passion for the world’s most exceptional cheese and our commitment to bringing it to Manitoba. The cheeses we carry have a rich history. They are a labour of love, created by the dedicated farmers who believe in producing the highest quality milk; and the cheese makers, who pour their heart and soul into everything they mould. 

Cheese makes people happy. What makes us happy is building lasting relationships within the cheese community. It’s what allows us to bring you the story of your cheese. A story you can regale your friends with, as you share your tales from the cheese counter. Our cheesemongers are highly educated and well-trained in everything from the science of milk and cheese to best practices for fromageries. We are dedicated to sourcing product with a focus on sustainability, seasonality and traditional production methods. We have been trained by some of the very best in the industry. Having studied and worked under the likes of Susan Sturman and Laurent Mons, we’ve taken formal education through Academie Opus Caseus in France and Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont. Over the past four years, we have travelled Europe, Canada and the US, learning from the very best cheese heroes in the industry (ask us who… we love to name drop!).

We offer a variety of provisions to add something distinctive to your cheese game. Let us help guide you through finding the cheese of your dreams.